Binance Easter egg hunt 2023

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By appitaly

The cryptocurrency exchange Binance is launching the Binance Easter Egg Hunt game to celebrate Easter with its community of users. The top 100 winners who collect the most Easter eggs will be able to share a grand prize pool consisting of 1 ETH, 10 BNB, and 10,000 USDT, which will be distributed as follows:

1st place: 1 ETH
2nd-11th: share 10 BNB equally
12th-100th: share 10,000 USDT equally

Participation requirements: Register on the Binance exchange and complete the identity verification process (KYC). Visit the activity page, play the game, invite friends, and share your achievements on social media. Subscribe to the Telegram channel and stay updated.


Deadline: April 19, 2023.

Winners: 100

The rewards will be distributed within 14 days after the end of the promotion as vouchers, which can be activated in the Binance Rewards Center.

What is Binance?

Binance is the world’s largest blockchain ecosystem, which includes the leading cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume. Binance’s activities include exchange trading, education, market research, startup investment, decentralized infrastructure solutions, and much more.